Collaborative Projects

The BonaRes funded research work aims at securing productivity and efficiency of soil as a resource in the long run and – if possible to enhance them. 10 interdisciplinary collaborative projects and the BonaRes-Centre help to ensure this goal by researching possibilities to optimize soil function and asking questions such as how can the use of water and nutrition be made more efficient or how can land use strategies and land use management be optimized?

June 16, 2024

BonaRes-Conference "Böden als Grundlage einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft"

At the BonaRes Conference "Böden als Grundlage einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft" in Leipzig, experts from both science and agricultural...

May 17, 2024

BonaRes data management workshop recap

Checking and increasing the visibility of your publications.

May 08, 2024

Global warming leads to decline in humus Climate change threatens mountain meadows

Press release Technical Univeristy of Munich   Mountain meadows are unique ecosystems. A research team led by the Technical University of...