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The BonaRes Repository makes your data visible to the world. It is a free infrastructure for researchers and the community to publish and find data related to soil, agriculture and ecology from Germany and the world. In our repository you can publish your data and receive a unique digital object identifier (DOI). We offer several additional services such as our long-term field experiment map, our soil profile data base, community engagement and soil data related materials.

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The BonaRes Repository

Our BonaRes Repository offers a variety of data on soil, agriculture and ecology. Agricultural and soil research data often have geospatial information and are therefore visible and findable at maps. 

Popular datasets

"BonaRes SIGNAL biomass production starting in 2016"


This data set contains leaf litter, woody biomass, grain, shredded corn, straw and grass production on the sites of SIGNAL (Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture through Agroforestry) at Dornburg (Thuringia), Forst (Brandenburg), Wendhausen and Mariensee (both Lower Saxony).
Research domain: Ecology of Agricultural Landscapes
Research question: Does alley-cropping agroforestry pose a more sustainable alternative to conventional monocultures?


dataset signal biomass thumbnail

"Provision of Metadata of European Agricultural Long-Term Experiments through BonaRes and EJP SOIL Collaboration"


The dataset includes the meta-information of 616 LTEs from 30 different countries across Europe with a minimum duration of typically 20 years, including clustered information of the European LTEs in different categories (management operations, land use, duration, status, etc.). It consists of the updated version of the dataset published by Grosse et al., 2020  but is extended by further LTE metadata, categories and research themes within a collaboration of BonaRes and EJP SOIL.

dataset ejp lte metadata thumbnail

Long-term experiments

With environmental conditions changing year by year and management effects taking time to show up, field trials over many years or even decades are invalable in understanding the dynamics in soils. Visit our map and database on where such research is done across Europe and where to find more information.

Looking for long-term experiments?

We have collected information about 532 LTE in Europe and Germany together with partners from EJP SOIL. This information has been compiled in a dynmic online map.


lte overview map

Published LTE datasets

"Long-term field experiment V140 Muencheberg (launched in 1963)"


"Long-Term Fertilization Trial Dikopshof "


3914269 1920 peter-h
How to be part of the map?

Each long-term field experiment is unique. If you are interested in publishing such data or information (metadata) about your experiment, please contact us for custom solution. 


Ask Cenk Dönmez


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Soil profiles

We offer easy and standardized access to uniformly structured and stored soil profile data for research. Here you can search for existing soil profiles or enter new ones with associated laboratory analyzes into the BonaRes Repository and publish them. Published soil profiles receive a DOI individually or as a collection, and are therefore accessible, reusable and citable for other scientists.


Soil profilePhoto: Gerhard Milbert
BonaRes Soil Profile Database

We have developed an online service to facilitate provision and resuse of soil profiles collected, for example, in scientific projects. 

soil profiles db

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When you are looking to publish research data, the BonaRes Repository is a great place to start. Contact us or upload your data directly.

Share soil profiles

Soil profile data often has a clear structure, calling for a specific format to be published in. Share your profiles with the world while receiving credit by getting a DOI for each of your profiles.

Share LTE data

Become part of our Long-term field experiment map by sharing metadata and/or data about your experiment with us. This also enables others to get to know your experiment and link to your project.


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Engage - Become part of our community!

Soil is just as divers as the community studying it. That’s because soil touches so many research areas, for example microbiology, hydrology, climatology & ecology. All these scientific fields produce data related to soils - and this data is required for further studies, meta-analyses, models or political recommendations.

Agredit - AGROVOC Review & Discussion Tool

The AGROVOC is a collection of agricultural terms and definitions in multiple languages, aimed to standardize searching and indexing of agricultural terms. We developed the Agredit tool as a place for user-driven improvement of the AGROVOC. You can use it to idenfiy and discuss keywords and share your expertise.

Take a look at our Agredit video!



Dönmez et al.  (2022) "Provision of metadata of european agricultural long-term experiments through BonaRes and EJP SOIL collaboration". Data in Brief 42. DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2022.108226


Grosse et al. (2020) "Managing long-term experiment data: a repository for soil and agricultural research". Long-Term Farmin Research. DOI:  10.1016/B978-0-12-818186-7.00010-2


Specka et al. (2019) "The BonaRes metadata schema for geospatial soil-agricultural research data – Merging INSPIRE and DataCite metadata schemes". Computers & Geosciences. DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2019.07.005