What is this about? 

What: The „BonaRes Knowledge Library“ is a structured database for scientific publications on processes in soils and related soil properties. Papers dealing with the following two aspects are considered: (1) Physical, chemical and biological processes as well as their interactions and (2) the effect of external factors (in particular climate, land use and management) on soil properties, which in turn influence these processes.
Why: The motivation for such a database is the insight that most processes and interactions in soils are very sensitive to the respective site conditions (soil type, soil type, vegetation, climate zone). Therefore, these relevant metadata are recorded for each publication. This allows the structuring of research results according to the site conditions (the effect of a soil tillage on the carbon balance of a soil depends for example on the soil properties, climate and vegetation). The database is intended to help structure research results appropriately and prepare them for targeted research or meta-analyses.   
How: The Knowledge Library provides a web-based interface through which the bibliographic data of publications, their main results and the respective site- and boundary conditions can be uploaded utilizing a standardized hierarchy of keywords. Read access is open to everyone, write access is reserved for a smaller group of editors. Anyone can be included in this editor group on request. In addition to a text-based search, graphical tools are provided for efficient search.