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January 11, 2024

Success Stories on data reuse

With its launch in 2017, the BonaRes Repository has made available more than 750 datasets sourced from BONARES's 16 collaborative projects and other sources. When data is shared and reused, it really propels the scientific community forward.

The repository team has been to most of the BonaRes project's events and has seen a lot of people working together to share and reuse data, both within and outside of the project. During the closing event of the BonaRes Catchy project in September, 2023, it was demonstrated how the BonaRes ORDIAmur project worked with the BonaRes Catchy project to decrease the occurrence of so-called post-planting disease in apple trees by using marigolds as a catch crop.

It is certain there are many other cases of collaboration through which data was shared or reused. The BonaRes project has set a high bar for research and collaboration, and we thought it was important for project members and other data users to tell their stories to the scientific community.

The BonaRes Repository success stories on data reuse can be an effective tool for communicating the BonaRes Projects's achievements and gaining support from current and prospective data users, data creators, partners, decision-makers, and funders. These success stories are also useful in promoting the repository's services and data, as they demonstrate, personalise, and provide meaning to data.

By showcasing the first two success stories from Cenk Dönmez ( and Marcus Schmidt ( ), we invite BonaRes project leaders/members, Ph.D. students, Postdocs, and other BonaRes data reusers to share their experiences with how data from the BonaRes project impacted their research and collaborations with other scientists, both within and outside of BONARES.

The procedure is very simple. We've created a template that you can download here.


Text: Maureen Atemkeng