Measurement, Modelling or Expert Assessment 

Once the impact areas have been selected, researchers are faced with the challenge to generate values that represent the impacts within these areas. Quantitative or qualitative approaches, or a mix of both, are possible.


For quantitative approaches, the factsheets provided by this platform list sample indicators for each impact area and reference examples of their application in current research. Indicator values can either be derived from literature or generated through measurement or modelling. For qualitative approaches, expert based assessments can be used. In this case, expert are consulted to provide values for the impacts within the respective areas. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches have their limitations and advantages. For very complex assessments, it may therefore be advisable to combine both.


In a final step, the results for the different impact areas can be combined to derive an overall assessment. This platform provides information on the following methods: 
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis
  • Benchmarking (DEA & SFA)
  • Participatory Impact Assessment