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On our fact sheets we present interesting findings from BonaRes research as well as soil science basics in a short and compact way.

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The soil of the year 2023: Arable soil

Under the auspices of the BonaRes Center for Soil Research, arable soil, its diversity, and its functions as well as the challenges and dangers of its use are the focus of numerous actions and events. Available only in German.

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Events during the Science Year 2020|21 Bio-Economy

Summer 2021


Expedition Earth – exploring soil with tea bags


The BonaRes Centre is a scientific partner of the Citizen Science Project "Expedition Earth - Exploring Soil with Tea Bags", which is organized for 2021 as part of the Year of Science Bioeconomy 2020|21. For further information visit the campaign’s website. 

Expedition Earth is an initiative of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Compilation of previous scientific evaluation, only in German.


Sommer 2020|21


„What soils can do“ exhibit on German exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft


With the interactive exhibit "What soils can do", BonaRes is represented on the MS Wissenschaft - a German exhibition ship for the Science Years. In spring 2021 there will be a second  tour on Germany's rivers.

MS Wissenchaft

“What soils can do“ exhibit on Geman exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft

Februar 2020


„No action without soils! Why healthy soils are important for us all”


In a public panel discussion, BonaRes scientists discussed the importance of soils for humans and the environment with book authors.

The event took place within the framework of the Science Year 2020|21 Bioeconomy.

Ohne Boden Nix Los

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Woche der Umwelt · Juni 2020 → verschoben auf 2021

DLG-Feldtage · June 2020 → verschoben auf 2021

Exhibit – interactive column "What our soils can do"

Our interactive exhibit "What our soils can do" shows six selected soils: black earth, para brown earth, brown earth, rendzina, plaggen soil, gley. The diversity of Germany’s soils is illustrated and soil properties, soil functions and differences in use are explained. Our soil column can be borrowed. 


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