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Sulfur-enriched bone char enhances P uptake by maize in a perennial pot experiment (2022)

Zacher, A. ,Leinweber, P. , Panten, K.

Journal für Kulturpflanzen, 74 (05-06), p. 124–133



Recycling of phosphorus (P) from slaughterhouse waste, production of bone char (BC) and its use as fertilizer is a promising approach to close nutrient cycles but the fertilizer value of BC is not sufficiently clear. Therefore, two BCs (BC and sulfur-enriched BC (BCplus)) were tested in comparison with highly water-soluble triple superphosphate (TSP) in a perennial pot experiment with maize as test plant with high P-requirement. The fertilizers affected both the dry matter yields, and the P concentration of maize in the general order BCplus, TSP > BC. The P uptake of maize in the TSP treatment accounted for 38% of the applied P in the first experimental year and decreased subsequently. By contrast, the P uptake in the BCplus treatment remained quite stable over time. In conclusion, the sulfur-enriched BCplus is able to maintain sufficient P availability to crops in the medium term and can be recommended as fertilizer.