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Shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy: A promising tool for the investigation of soil (2021)

Theurer L., Maiwald M., Sumpf B.

European Journal of Soil Science, 72 (1), 120-124



AbstractIn this paper we demonstrate shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS) for soil analysis as a proof of concept. Confocal Raman microscopy is performed for sample analysis as well as for qualitative comparison with our SERDS experiments. Raman spectra of a soil sample show huge background signals, which mask weak Raman peaks. SERDS clearly separates the Raman signals from background signals with a 10‐fold improvement of the signal‐to‐background noise ratio. Thus, besides hydroxyapatite, additional Raman bands from quartz and feldspar could be extracted. The results demonstrate SERDS as a promising tool for soil analysis.Highlights Raman spectroscopy for soil characterization, e.g., for nutrient management. SERDS as a proof of concept for soil analysis. SERDS extracts Raman signals from disturbing background signals. SERDS as a promising tool for soil investigations. Intelligence for Soil