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Hoffmann, C., Schulz, S., Eberhardt, E., Grosse, M., Daedlow, K., Russell, D.J., Kühnert, T., Stein, S., Zoarder, M.A.M., Specka, X., Gärtner, P., Svoboda, N., Heinrich, U. (2018, 16. October). Overview of relevant standards for the BonaRes-Program . Abgerufen am 16. October, 2018, von https://tools.bonares.de/doi/doc/18/



Major task of the BonaRes Data Centre is to create a user-friendly data repository to upload, manage and provide soil and soil-related research data in standardized and citable formats for continued use. To meet these requirements, the application of standards for the different stages of research data life is necessary. Such standards concern e.g. the classification and description of soils, field and lab methods, agricultural technology, plant varieties, fertilizers, farming and agricultural business data, data quality control, transfer to data bases, data storage and archiving, and, not least, the provision of data via geo-data services and a web portal. This document presents lists and discusses a variety of data standards, regulations, schemas, exchange languages, data journals, thesauri, web services and more for the data life from acquisition to provision. It aims to inform owner, provider and users of soil and agricultural data and to facilitate data integration and data use within the BonaRes data repository.    

BonaRes Centre