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First report of a chrysovirus infecting a member of the fungal genus Ilyonectria (2022)

Pielhop T., Popp C., Knierim D., Margaria P., Maiß E.

Archives of Virology, 167 (11), 2411-2415



AbstractThe fungus Ilyonectria pseudodestructans belongs to the family Nectriaceae and was found to be part of the endophytic microbiome of apple trees (Malus x domestica, Borkh.) with apple replant disease (ARD). After dsRNA extraction, a mycoviral infection became evident. Here, we report the identification of a new virus, tentatively named “Ilyonectria pseudodestructans chrysovirus 1” (IpCV1), as the first member of the proposed new species “Alphachrysovirus ilyonectriae” within the genus Alphachrysovirus. This is the first report of a chrysovirus infecting a member of the fungal genus Ilyonectria. IpCV1 has a tripartite dsRNA genome with a total length of 8944 bp. The segments are 3439 bp, 2850 bp, and 2655 bp in length, and each dsRNA carries a single ORF. The encoded viral proteins are a 125.92-kDa RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, a 100.75-kDa coat protein, and one protein of unknown function with a predicted molecular mass of 93.04 kDa. The 5´ and 3´ UTRs are comparatively short and are 79 to 91 bp and 62 to 148 bp in length, respectively. This study provides the basis for further investigations of the impact of IpCV1 on its host and the etiology of ARD. ORDIAmur