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Climate change causes spatial shifts in the productivity of agricultural long-term field experiments (2024)

Donmez C., Sahingoz M., Paul C., Cilek A., Hoffmann C., Berberoglu S., Webber H., Helming K.

European Journal of Agronomy, 155 (), 127121





  • The effects of climate change on the Net Primary Productivity (NPP) of Long-Term Field Experiments were simulated.

  • Metadata of multiple LTEs were incorporated with NPP modelling using Germany as a test case.

  • A remarkable NPP decrease was found in the LTEs in central Germany, shifting to the east in future.

  • Poor soils experienced a disproportionate reduction in NPP compared to good soils primarily related to water scarcity.

  • The importance of soil quality for crop productivity is likely to increase in the future.

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