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An open‐source metadataset of running European mid‐ and long‐term agricultural field experiments (2024)

Blanchy G., D'Hose T., Donmez C., Hoffmann C., Makoschitz L., Murugan R., O'Sullivan L., Sandén T., Spiegel H., Svoboda N., Zechmeister‐Boltenstern S., Klumpp K.

Soil Use and Management, 40 (1),



AbstractMid‐term (MTEs, 5–20 years) and long‐term (LTEs, 20+ years) field experiments are key sources of information to design future climate‐smart agriculture. Within the European Joint Program SOIL (EJP SOIL), we built the EJP SOIL‐MTE/LTE metadataset that contains metadata from 240 MTEs/LTEs across Europe. Metadata collected included precise descriptions of the treatments (combination of factors such as tillage, crop type/rotation, amendments/fertilizers, grazing and pest/weed management), soil and crop measurements and pedo‐climatic information. Using different figures and dashboards, an overview of those MTEs/LTEs is presented and specific research themes (tillage systems, residue management, amendment type and cover crops) are further analysed within their pedo‐climatic context. An interactive web portal developed in collaboration with the BonaRes project (https://lte.bonares.de), enables users to explore the metadataset and find relevant MTEs/LTEs for specific combinations of practices (e.g. all MTEs/LTEs that investigate cover crops on a Cambisol in no‐tillage system). Finally, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the metadataset was carried out to highlight the potential contribution of MTEs/LTEs to a harmonized European soil observation and monitoring approach. We propose that the metadataset could be elaborated with metadata from other existing MTEs/LTEs in Europe or even worldwide. BonaRes Centre