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A comprehensive data set demonstrating the spatial variability of soil properties and crop growth conditions at field scale (2018)

Wallor E.

Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research, 5 (), 1-10



A four-year (1999-2002) multivariable data set for one specific agricultural used field located in North Rhine-Westphalia is documented in detailed. The data set focusses on the small-scale heterogeneity of soil properties varying in the spatial and temporal dimension. Initial soil sampling was conducted at altogether 80 sampling points arranged in a regular and a nested grid along the 20 ha large field. Information about the soil inventory (soil texture, soil organic carbon) exists for three subsequent soil layers to a total depth of 90 cm and for every sampling point. Subsequently, the same points and layers were examined for the soil variables soil moisture and soil nitrogen biannually. Additional information about crop rotation, tillage, site-specific fertilization, yield performance and weather complete the data set was that used for model inter-comparison within the crop modelling part (CropM) of the international FACCE JPI MACSUR2 project.

Intelligence for Soil