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May 30, 2018

Recent activities of BonaRes Data Centre presented at Rothamsted

Nationally and globally, agricultural long-term field experiments (LTFE) offer helpful data and information how agricultural activities (e.g. crop rotation, fertilization, plant protection) effect different soil functions and yields in the long run. They are of high value since they can hardly be reproduced. The oldest and still running LTFE is located in Rothamsted, UK. On the occasion of its 175th anniversary an international conference was organized in Rothamsted between 21st and 23rd of May 2018. Meike Grosse and Carsten Hoffmann from the BonaRes Data Centre team presented recent results and activities on LTFE data collection, organization and structuring, according to the FAIR principles. In two workshops the generic relational data base scheme for LTFE and the planned data management within a Global Long-term Experiment Network (GLTEN) were presented by BonaRes Data Centre and Rothamsted colleagues, respectively.

Meike Grosse from the BonaRes Data Centre in front of the oldest LTFE in the world (Broadbalk field, Rothamsted, UK; ​© Hoffmann)