May 05, 2022

LTE - Workshop: "Lift the agricultural data treasure!"

Long-term field experiments (LTEs) are agricultural experiments for monitoring soil and crop properties in changing climate conditions and different management practices. Within the framework of the BonaRes ( program, a data infrastructure has been developed to collect and process the meta-information and research data of LTEs. In this regard, LTEs with a minimum duration of 20 years in Germany and Europe have been continuously identified and processed since 2015. The BonaRes initiative aims to improve the reuse of LTE data and facilitate scientific collaborations through the networking of researchers. With this workshop we want to bring LTE owners and past and future users of LTE data together with the goal to “lift the LTE data treasures together.


Date and Venue
The workshop will be organized on 8-9 November 2022 at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Research (ZALF) in Müncheberg, Germany.

Scope of the event
Presenting the activities and advantages in publishing and using LTE data, including:

  • Demonstration of the BonaRes Centre’s LTE activities including the LTE overview map
  • Practical showcasing for reusing LTE data
  • Assisting LTE owners with data publishing
  • Initiation of cooporations

It will comprise the exchange of experiences of (a) LTE data providers including the process for publishing LTE data in the BonaRes repository and (b) selected data users (i.e. modellers). The workshop will be held in English and/or German upon demand.

Target groups

  • LTE- owners who provided LTE- data to the repository or who consider to do so in the future.
  • BonaRes researchers who use or wish to use LTE data for their ModuleA projects,
  • LTE data users who can exemplify experiences and expectations of the repository,
  • Researchers to share their experiences with the BonaRes Centre and project.


Important Dates

Abstract submission: 2 September 2022
Deadline for registration: 12 October 2022
Workshop: 8-9 November 2022



Download Announcement & Registration [pdf]

Download Preliminary Agenda [pdf]