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November 30, 2018

Foresight, assessment and governance: 9 projects exchanged about socio-economic research in BonaRes

On 26 and 27 November 2018, the sixth workshop of socio-economic researchers in BonaRes was hosted by the BonaRes Centre in Berlin. The meeting aimed at presenting and exchanging results of the BonaRes research achieved during the first funding phase and at discussing research plans for the second funding phase of the BonaRes program.

Socio-economic research in BonaRes covers a broad scope and ranges from farm-level cost-benefit analyses of soil improving management practices to assessments of soil-related policies at national and international levels.

More than 20 participants exchanged experiences with methods of engagement with stakeholders, modelling approaches and the use of indicator frameworks for assessments. Scarcity of socio-economic data and upscaling and generalization of case-study results are two examples of common challenges across the projects.

A follow-up workshop will take place in February 2019 during the BonaRes status seminar in Leipzig.