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May 30, 2023

BonaRes2023 conference Dataworkshop recap:

Data publication and reuse.

Text by Maureen F. Atemkeng (ZALF)


The BonaRes repository team organized a data workshop at the BonaRes2023 conference, which took place between May 15th and 17th. This workshop was named "data publication and reuse" to correspond with the conference session on data challenges and solutions. In this session, solutions to authors' data publication challanges encountered during phases one and two of the BonaRes project were highlighted. A new data upload tool, for example, has been launched, allowing the data publication process to be completed in a single step. Other services offered by the BonaRes repository team, such as data management plan preparation, were also included. The major focus of the session was on metadata description, the types of data published in the BonaRes repository, and the various file formats that users may download from the repository. Participants were also educated on the significance of publishing data with related and author identifiers. The features of the BonaRes repository were also introduced in the workshop's last section to simplify data search and reuse. The workshop included 26 attendees from the BonaRes project team and other international conference participants. It was a fascinating workshop. Participants' concerns were addressed, such as the provision of geodata, the size restriction for files that may be submitted to the repository, and altering data that has already been published in the repository. Participants completed an assessment at the end of the program, and 82% indicated their workshop expectations were satisfied. We also included a poll question on how to enhance the repository, and we had some intriguing responses. These workshop outcomes input are always taken into account when planning future workshop topics and facilitating the data publication process.