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November 05, 2020

BonaRes publication: CO2 certificates for carbon sequestration in soils

05 11 2020 newszertifikate fritz the cat

Rewarding carbon sequestration in soils by CO2 certificates is a novel private incentive instrument for farmers in Germany. These certificates are issued by private initiatives and can be purchased by companies to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions. However, to make an efficient contribution to climate protection, these certificates have to meet certain criteria, which are not always taken into account in current allocations.

The BonaRes Center for Soil Research has therefore published the study "CO2 certificates for carbon sequestration in soils: methods, management practices and limitations", which provides information on methodological aspects for the quantification of soil organic carbon , practices for soil carbon sequestration, and general limitations of CO2 certificates as an incentive instrument for climate protection in agriculture.

You can download this publication here:


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photo: Fritz_the_Cat/pixabay.com