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May 13, 2022

BonaRes and EJP-Soil collaboration results in map-data-paper tercet on long-term experiments in Europe

Long-term agricultural experiments (LTE) are important infrastructures for agricultural research. The collection and structured documentation of long-term data series (>20 years) on the influence of different management strategies (e.g. fertilization, crop rotations or tillage) and annual meteorological variability on yield or soil functions, offers great potential for sustainable and adapted agriculture in times of climate change.

BonaRes and EJP-Soil have jointly expanded the LTE overview map. Now it includes 532 entries. In addition, the underlying database was published in the BonaRes repository and is also published as a data publication. The multi-step process to make valuable LTEs visible on a European level has been successfully implemented by the BonaRes Center.

If you are an LTE operator and your (meta) data is missing or incomplete, please contact Dr. Dönmez (doenmez@zalf.de).