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May 20, 2021

AgReDiT tool for improving the AGROVOC vocabulary goes online

At the BonaRes Center, we have been using the AGROVOC thesaurus, a strong and multi-lingual vocabulary of the FAO, since 2016 to assign keywords to research data and thus make it findable for the community. The AGROVOC is a central component for fulfilling the FAIR* principles for research data management in the BonaRes project.

Since 2017, Carsten Hoffmann from the BonaRes Data Center has been improving and supplementing the vocabulary as one of the German AGROVOC editors and has created, among other terms, the BonaRes soil functions as terms (so-called "concepts"). With the recently published online tool "AgReDiT" (= Agrovoc Revision and Discussion Tool) we now have the opportunity to bundle the broad expertise in the entire BonaRes project and to jointly identify and discuss missing concepts or translations and incorrect concepts and to make suggestions for improvements. The discussed concepts will be transferred to the AGROVOC once a month. This is a further step to improve the AGROVOC, also in the sense of BonaRes, and to further increase our visibility in the research (data) landscape.

The tool can be reached at agredit.bonares.de. Questions, hints and the user guideline via: support-data@bonares.de