Web Portal  

The BonaRes Portal is a web-based platform and offers information about the entire BonaRes research program as well as access to data and modelling applications and assessment tools for researchers and decisions makers format business, policy and administration levels.


The BonaRes Portal is a central product of the BonaRes Centre for soil research aiming at a central and targeted provision of research related information and services. This contains data, indicators, models, decision support systems and further information for a sustainable land use. Against the background of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research within the BonaRes Centre and the 10 collaborative projects, tools and models of various complexity for different user groups of the BonaRes Portal are offered. The target groups of the BonaRes Portals are the soil research community, further research disciplines, bio mass producers (farmers) and bio mass users, political decision makers, administrators and planners as well as the civilian societies.

The BonaRes Portal will contribute to the scientific process by communicating and exchanging of data and by accelerating the knowledge base as well as by improving its relevance for sustainable development. Furthermore, the portal will serve as an efficient communication tool between science/theory and practice.


At the end of the funding period, BonaRes will not only have establish itself with lighthouse functions, but it will also be the key website on issues soil research und bioeconomy in Germany. The provision of web services and any other contents will be available beyond the funding period.