Impact Areas: Assessment Perspectives

In impact assessments, effects of actions or policy options on societal targets are analysed. Because the number of societal targets and of potential impacts is too high to be investigated in a single assessment, some restriction or focus is required. Assessment perspectives are a thematic focus that can be used to make assessments operable. For example, assessments could choose to only analyse effects related to animal wellfare or to economic performance. More than one perspectives may be chosen for an  impact assessment, each with their own impact areas. 

The BonaRes Assessment Platform currently supports the two perspectives: Ecosystem Services (ESS) and Resource Use Efficiency (RUE). Information on impact areas and indicators relevant for these perspectives are provided. Both perspectives are largely complementary and highly relevant for agriculture in industrialised countries where yield gaps are low, and in particular for evaluating transformation processes from a fossil fuel based economy towards a bioeconomy based on renewable resources.  Additionally, the  platform highlights which impact areas and indicators from these perspectives are most relevant for targets defined under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Obviously other perspectives, such as impacts on human health, equity or food security are also highly important. They may be added with future updates of the platform.