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Bouchez, J., von Blanckenburg, F. (2021). Geochemical and strontium isotope data on Critical Zone compartments along a global soil erodosequence. , : .



We provide strontium isotope data (for both the "radiogenic" isotope ratio 87Sr/86Sr, and the "stable" isotope ratio 88Sr/86Sr, expressed as delta88Sr) for critical zone compartments (rock, saprolite, soil, plants, and river dissolved loads) at three sites along a global transect of mountain landscapes that differ in erosion rates – an “erodosequence”. These sites are the Swiss Central Alps, a rapidly-eroding post-glacial mountain belt; the Southern Sierra Nevada, USA, eroding at moderate rates; and the slowly-eroding tropical Highlands of Sri Lanka. Key metrics for strontium elemental partitioning (strontium concentrations and ratios to the major elements sodium and calcium) are also provided. All samples are assigned with International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSN), a globally unique and persistent Identifier for physical samples. The IGSNs are provided in the data tables and link to a comprehensive sample description. Further details on sampling and locations are provided in von Blanckenburg et al (2021). The IGSN data can be accessed by adding the IGSN after igsn.org, e.g. igsn.org/GFFB1005U The dataset consist of 8 Tables that are provided as Excel and printable PDF versions: Table A1. Swiss Alps analyses of soil, saprolite, rock Table A2. Swiss Alps analyses of water samples Table A3. Swiss Alps analyses of plant samples Table SN1. Sierra Nevada analyses of soil, saprolite, rock, bedload sediment and suspended stream load Table SN2. Sierra Nevada analyses of water samples Table SN3. Sierra Nevada analyses of plant samples Table SL1. Sri Lanka analyses of soil, saprolite, rock Table E. Relative elemental amounts (compared to bulk) present in the different extraction pools.


Sustainable Subsoil Management