Data & Long-term field experiments   

In our case ‘data’ refer to research data and its corresponding metadata. It is the essential base for any kind of research and is collected by experiments, measuring or surveys. Examples for research data - within our BonaRes context - are air/satellite pictures, soil classification, particle size analysis and the results of questionnaires. Scientists constantly generate new research data while working on fields or in labs. In soil science and adjoining scientific disciplines, data needs to be saved and enlarged constantly since measuring instruments are able to produce results with a much higher temporal and local resolution. Documentation, archiving and deployment of data created within this research project, demand a significant financial and personnel expense.


Long-term field experiments (LTFE) are necessary to influence agricultural usage on soils in the long run. They are of high value since they can only be reproduced with huge time and cost resources – if at all. Please click here for the Online-map for long-term field experiments.


The BonaRes Data Centre is a central warehouse for soil relevant research data, e. g. taken from Long-term field experiments. It offers the following support:

  • saving and archiving research data
  • publishing of reserach data
  • usage of research data